Vibration testing

Field Testing
The best way to test the Security Locknut (or any fastening solution) is on the product in the field. This will create actual load, vibration, and environmental conditions that cannot be fully simulated in a laboratory.  We support this monitored testing with our field testing program.  General program information is outlined on our Product Sample Request for Field Testing form. You can also contact us directly for more information.

Laboratory Testing
Vibration testing using the NASM 1312-7 protocol. This standard that establishes a procedure for conducting accelerated vibration tests on any fastener system capable of providing a clamp-up load. The bolt/nut combination is installed in the fixture, the fixture is subjected to controlled vibration and times/cycles until the assembly loosens. The Security Locknut performed exceptionally well in tests against other commonly used products.  A summary of the test results are shown below. 

Product Cycles to loosen Cycles to fall completely off
Security Locknut 55,000 Never **
Nylon Locknut 15,000 25,000
Conical (or Top lock) Locknut 2,000 6,000
Standard + split washer 100 500
* * Test stopped after 90,000 cycles 


Vibration Test Fixture Setup
Test fixture picture

test fixture CAD shaded