Case Study: Whole Tree Chippers


Safety and productivity are key concerns to those operating in forestry and commercial landscape. A manufacturer of wood chippers was engineering a full tree wood chipper that utilized dozens of heavy duty steel blades attached to a
large spinning disc to pulverize wood. Each steel blade was attached to the disc with several lock style and nylon insert style locknuts. Due to the high vibration environment, the blades became loose, causing premature wear of not only the blades but other components of the machine. Even worse, if any of the blades fell off completely, the whole tree chipper became less effective and inefficient, causing loss of revenue to the operator and a bad reputation to the manufacturer.


The manufacturer replaced the lock style and nylon insert style locknuts, which didn’t hold up very well in the high vibration environment, with the Security Locknut. The proven technology of Security Locknuts kept the blades fastened even in the most high vibration situations, meaning the chipper blades stayed tight until they got dull from normal use and were replaced as part of routine maintenance.


  • Improved product performance
  • Improved product efficiency; the blades of the wood chipper are replaced when they become dull, instead of when they
    become loose or fall off
  • Improved manufacturer reputation

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